Closing on Your Sale


Once all contingencies are satisfied, your transaction will be subject to funding and closing, based on the timeframes established in the contract between yourself and the buyer. Closing involves recording the sale at the county courthouse so that the deed can be formally transferred from you to the buyer. The escrow officer is responsible for filing the documents, and an original copy is then mailed to the new owner(s) and you.


The buyer and seller often sign their closing documents several days before the actual recording and closing of the transaction. The timing of this depends on whether or not there is a lender involved and where the signing parties reside. Your escrow officer and I will work with you to determine the best method and timing of getting the documents properly signed and returned to the escrow company.


When the buyer is using a lender, federal regulations now require a time period between final documents and recording the transaction. This is a form of protection for the buyer, and may add several days to a week or more to the closing timeframe.


Closing day is always exciting and special to me, even after hundreds of transactions. It also marks new beginnings for the new owner and for you as the seller.













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