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The State of Washington protects real estate buyers by requiring sellers to provide a completed Seller's Disclosure (Form 17) as specified by Chapter 64.06, Revised Code of Washington (RCW) to you once your offer is accepted. This multi-page form is completed and signed by you as the seller, and includes check box answers to many questions about the property.


The Form 17 can be filled out in advance and uploaded to the attached document area on your listing page, but does not have to be provided until you formally accept the buyer's offer. We will discuss this in more detail during your listing preparation phase.


As helpful as the disclosure form is intended to be, some of the questions can be confusing. When you don't know the answer to a specific question, you can check the "Don't Know" box. If your potential buyer's review of the disclosure raises questions, they should ask them immediately, because a buyer only has three days to ask them once they've received your Form 17.


If the the form is incomplete or the buyer presents questions that need to be answered and requests an amended form within the three day review period, you will need to prepare an amended seller disclosure form for the buyer's further review. Once the buyer receives the amended form, they will again have three days to review it and ask additional questions or accept your information.


While some exceptions do occur, the completion and receipt or formal waiver of the Form 17 is required prior to closing in most real estate transactions.













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