Our Agency Relationship


As your Realtor®, I am held to high standards of ethical behavior, responsibility, and confidentiality as your representative throughout the buying or selling process. As my client, I ask that you join me in bringing integrity, clarity, and good will to the table as we work together.  While this consideration is already in place with my referral and repeat clients, I am confident that as a new client, you will value the quality and effectiveness of our agency relationship.


Being a client means that we have a connection, and that you trust that your needs will be met.


As a buyer, those needs include searching, fully evaluating, and securing the property of interest, with representation and communication throughout the entire process.


As a seller, we form an active partnership where your valuable property is well-represented and received. Your property will be visible in the marketplace through a variety of creative strategies and marketing approaches.


As your Realtor®/broker, my expectation includes the exclusive right to represent your interests for the purchase or sale of property in a particular market. In this agency relationship, it is important that we fully understand each other's expectations and honor each other as we work together.


A customer relationship, by contrast, is far more casual and does not imply the sharing of confidences or allow for a specially concentrated approach.


On either side of the the transaction table, I can assure you that your interests will be represented with clarity, consideration, and confidentiality.













Teren MacLeod
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Teren MacLeod

Teren is knowledgeable, kind, and thoughtful. She takes her time and she listens. We looked at one house with Teren, THE house, and within 8 weeks we were moved in. We had a house to sell while in the process of purchasing and Teren was instrumental in making all the pieces come together. We feel lucky to have found her — and as a bonus, she's become a friend.

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