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Once your property is listed, all licensed real estate brokers have access to your home to show prospective buyers. While we are preparing for your listing, we will determine the details for timing and process in advance so there is a clear "showtrack" for activity.


The showtrack includes instructions for the listing office in making appointments and notifying you of showings. If you need to confirm the appointment time, we can make sure that your requirement will be met when an appointment is made with the office.


The Port Townsend / Jefferson County real estate practices most often ask for brokers to call the listing office to schedule showings. Either I or the RE/MAX First Port Townsend office representative, will make the necessary arrangements with you for each appointment.


Your property should always be reasonably ready to show. Buyers expect beds to be made and things picked up and orderly. It doesn't mean that absolute perfection is needed. Most buyers want to feel comfortable when they walk in the door, so making sure things are warm and inviting is far more advantageous than perfection.


I will get and forward feedback from each showing, which will help determine the viability of a sale in the market at or near the price you have chosen, and point out things noted by by potential buyers that may be in way of more attention.













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