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More than 90% of people looking for a new home or other property start their search on the Internet. There are several online real estate search options, and you'll easily find one that meets your needs. I recommend you start with deciding a ballpark amount that you are willing to spend, then use your search site to enter the criteria you are looking for. With homes include your price range, number of bedrooms, square footage, location, and more.


It's best if you don't narrow your search so much that you miss opportunities, nor make it so broad that you become overwhelmed.


You can create greater clarity for yourself by searching within the community areas that are most attractive to you. All you have to do to start that process is to visit my map page and zero in on those areas that appeal to you.


Become more familiar with the area you are considering buying property in. For more information about Port Townsend and the surrounding region, you can visit my community resources page, the PT Guide or Enjoy PT websites, which offer many useful community links. My community videos page offers a look at the many people, facilities, and activities that help make this such a special place. You may also wish to subscribe to one or both of our local newspapers, the Port Townsend Leader or the Peninsula Daily News. Both offer print and online subscriptions.


Once you've settled on a real estate market that you want to explore in greater depth, it's time to plan to explore in person, and that means it's time to select your Realtor®, the person who has the local knowledge and expertise to facilitate and negotiate on your behalf to bring it all home.


I'm fully prepared to be that person for you, and to represent your interests in obtaining that special property. Don't hesitate to call if you see something you like or would like to explore more fully together, or even if you just have questions.













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